Moving to Australia or somewhere else overseas? Need to sell your car?
We'd love to buy it!

Maybe you're moving to Australia or somewhere else overseas. Do you need some cash to pay for a purchase, or you simply don't want your car anymore? Whatever the reason, if you need to sell your car we'd love for you to come to our car yard on the corner of Mill and Willoughby Streets and have a chat to us.

We'll have a look at your car, and if it's something we'd like to sell on our car yard we'll offer you a fair price that everyone benefits from. By dealing with Ideal Cars you won't have to worry about the stress of advertising your vehicle, fixing any problems, having people visit your home, waiting for people who don't show up, making sure you are paid and in a reasonable timeframe, or even the hassle of change of ownership. We can pay off any existing finance that is still owing. In most cases a purchase can be finalised in under 15 minutes, leaving you with cash and no headaches

It's the easy way to offload your car in a hurry, so get in touch with us today. Phone 07 838 2955 or pop in and visit us in person on the corner of Mill and Willoughby Streets.

Migrating to New Zealand from overseas?

We regularly help families who are moving to New Zealand get settled in by helping them find a new car. In fact just last week we picked up a family moving to NZ from the UK at Auckland airport in their new car!

Buying from overseas can be stressful so we do our utmost to put your mind at ease with detailed checks and warranties plus on-going after purchase support. Check out our cars or email us on for more information.

Be assured the car you buy is safe and compliant

Ideal Cars is an AA appraised vehicle dealer. All our freshly imported vehicles are AA Appraised and AA Safety Certified with written reports. This means you can have peace of mind when buying from us.

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Ideal Cars voted as amongst the best in the Waikato. Again!

The 2011 MTA people's choice awards evening was recently held in Hamilton and once again, Ideal Cars came away with multiple awards in the best salesperson and best marketing initiative categories.

Our very own Daniel Haines was delighted to receive the runner-up award for the Waikato's best salesperson. When you consider that it is the public who vote for these awards it's a great indication that Daniel is doing a great job looking after customers and making sure they end up with a car that they are truly happy to be driving. Well done Daniel!

Ideal Cars also came away with the runner-up award for the Best Marketing Initiative. Our promotion to give one of our lucky customers the purchase price of their car back in cash, or second prize of a goat, is obviously being really well received by those in the Waikato. Our goat Willoughby is excited to have helped Ideal Cars receive this award and we're hoping to have a quick message from him loaded onto the website shortly. In the meantime he would just like to say "Baaaah BAH BAAAH bah." Whatever that means.

We were voted the Waikato's favourite used car dealership at the 2010 People's Choice Awards as well!


In addition to our 2011 People's Choice Awards, we also won the title of the best used car dealership in the Waikato at the 2010 award ceremony. Year after year we strive to look after our customers and make sure their car buying experience is as fun, easy and stress free as possible.

We are absolutely delighted to win awards two years running as it just shows us that we are on the right track and our customers really do appreciate our approach to finding people their dream car. All of the team here at Ideal Cars are absolutely determined to continue in the same vein and be appreciated for our work by customers nationwide. We'd also like to thank all of you for your support and feel free to pop into the yard for a chat!

We have parking available!

If you are looking at coming into Ideal Cars and checking out our great range of used cars we do actually have parking available for you to stop in. Simply drive onto the yard itself from the Mill Street entrance and there'll be plenty of space for you to park in.