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"Hi Shayne When we needed a new car and other people were mucking us about you stepped in and made it happen. We really appreciated that. Thank you. We'll be back."
Graeme Moore
"My girlfriend and I bought a Subaru Legacy from Ideal cars a couple months ago and we love it! The car was low-mileage and well taken care of, and was everything we were looking for in a new ..."
Benjamin Norris & Francesca Spinardi
"Best service ever. HIGHLY recommend people go there for their next car.......... What Shayne and his team did for us was mind blowing. To get done what we needed in a short time frame was awesome. ..."
Troy Gibson
"I bought a car from you over a year ago now. My Grey ghost, Toyota Wish. Thank you for talking me in to this bigger model. I have never looked back. It runs like a dream."
Lisa Feltham
"Hi there. I bought a very cute little red Nissan Note from Shayne and the team at Ideal Cars, last November 2013. Their service was great, with the least amount of stress possible during the process. ..."
Julie Farrell - Ooh and PS the bar of Chocolate that followed was great too.
"Hi. I would highly recommend Ideal Cars to anyone. They provide very good customer service and high quality cars. We would definitely come back there when we buy another car. Thank you."
Razan Rahman
"l was fortunate to purchase a Japanese import Subaru from Ideal Cars. The vehicle was superbly prepared and presented and exceeded my expectations you buy is safe and with the attention to detail. ..."
Bryan Graham, Christchurch
"My late husband and I bought our wee 2005 Suzuki Swift in a hurry last August. It’s proving to be a treasure, and I do enjoy the regular emails from your firm. Very useful info."
Joan Fuller
"I have bought a few cars off you now. I am a customer that keeps coming back and I am always happy with Ideal Cars. The staff are awesome and friendly and you have always been great to me. I will be ..."
Kylie Cottrell

5 signs you are looking at a bad used car

5 signs you are looking at a bad used car

Buying a car privately instead of from a dealer can be a great way to save a bit of cash but when things go wrong it can end up being a waste of time, money and your sanity. So here are our 5 indicators that the used car you are looking at is a dud.

1. The car isn't used regularly
When a car sits around without being used for long periods of time, deterioration can set in. This may result in rust forming as well as hardening and perishing of rubber or plastic components. Signs of irregular use may include a build-up of dirt and vegetation in vehicle apertures or even cobwebs! Another more obvious sign is an expired warrant of fitness or registration.

2. Leaks under the car
Looking under the car for large puddles or stains may indicate leaking fluids. If the liquid is constantly dripping, and it's not water from the air conditioning system, this could indicate repairs will be necessary now or in the near future.

3. Bad paint and body work
Bad paint and body work can be an indication of a poor quality used car. If the paint is peeling or cracking or the door panels have waves or bulges this could indicate previous damage or poor quality repairmanship. Further investigation may reveal previous serious damage to the vehicle.

4. Cracked rubber components
Take a look under the bonnet at the rubber belts and caps. Do they look faded or cracked? If they are, this could indicate lack of maintenance or operation in harsh conditions. This can be a reflection on the overall well-being of the vehicle.

5. The car is running or warm when you arrive
If the car is running or warm when you arrive, the seller could be trying to hide issues more obvious when the vehicle is cold. An older engine will make more noise when cold, making an accurate assessment of the condition easier. If you are uncertain and are still interested, arrange to come back at another time when the car is cold.


Got any questions? Come down and see us for advice - we are always happy to help. If you are after another type of car we don’t have in stock, let us know and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

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